FirstLight Independent is an award winning film production company.

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moving motion pictures



FirstLight Independent creates, produces, and manages distribution for meaningful motion pictures while providing 'first light' (feature credit) opportunities to the best and brightest new filmmakers.


FirstLight Independent develops and produces salient, quality films that speak to universal themes. These  motion pictures  gain the largest audience possible at enviable cost points. As a vertically-integrated film company, FirstLight  works to ensure that the vision in our scripts ends up on the screen.


The projects  we've been privileged to develop  offer film-goers a unique perspective in cinema. We have more stories to tell.



FirstLight Independent maximizes investors' outlay by engaging the enthusiasm of promising new filmmakers under the close supervision of industry professionals on our productions.


Embracing the latest acquisition and post technology, FirstLight Independent creates striking cinematic images at cost points unattainable only a few years ago. Carefully planned distribution-based production models maximize R.O.I. while enhancing the principled value of each investment.


We're fortunate to be able to create compelling content  with such talented artists.


Bill Nelson

Firstlight Independent, LLC


Moving Motion Pictures

This film enjoys national and international DVD and streaming media distribution, as well as a targeted theatrical release.

Our Western feature written by Slamdance award winning screenwriter Tom Russell revolves around a frontier story based on actual events that explores conflict and compassion from the Old West.


A grieving sheriff buries his only daughter, only to learn that a stranger has been robbing the dead. Torn between duty and outrage, he's forced to examine his own beliefs about mercy, justice, and redemption. An experienced ensemble cast brings significant weight to the film.  We've been told that the stunning cinematography and polish belies our  very conservative budget.


FirstLight Independent developed the film as a start-to-finish executive production entity, including concept development, script supervision, assembly of the production team, securing legal chain of title and SAG approvals, insurance, on-set executive oversight, review of initial edits, picture lock, post color correction approvals and oversight of deliverables to our chosen distribution outlets.





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This feature being distributed by FirstLight Independent Distribution is a Film Partners 35mm feature written and directed by Tom Russell. The FLI connection here is the frugal production model - as well as our favorite director and one of the principal actors.


Five mental patients drive away  from a mental health facility and set up a cardboard encampment in the woods. To the surprise of their troubled psychiatrist, a charismatic leader Phillip (Bill Nelson) successfully uses unusual abilities to help most of his compatriots.


Viewers report discovering profound insights about themselves and their possibilities while watching this festival favorite.



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